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This species varies from pure bare specimens to plants with one or a few spines per areola, but generally the spines are present only on young plants or on new lateral branches before disappearing completely. In mature stems, all other characteristics, namely the size and shape of the stems, flowers, fruits, roots, etc., clearly show that they are specific. Several heads are produced as the plant ages and can form a very large mound. The stem is glaucous gray, up to 55 cm in height and 50 cm in diameter. It is globular depressed at the apex, becomes little columnar as it ages. Ribs 11 to 15 prominent, sharp, slightly tuberculated and expanded below the areolas, 2 cm high. Young grayish-white felt Areolas circular, elongated in mature flowering plants up to 15 mm long, constricted between the flower and the spinal column bearing section, 2-3 cm or even less apart in older plants . The spines are absent or very few, from 1 to 3 not distinguishable from radial to central. Scattered irregularly in the areolas of young individuals. The lemon-yellow flowers are funnel-shaped, 3 to 4 cm in diameter. The tepals are oblong, lanceolate, silky, shiny. The margins are finely bordered. The stamen, style, and stigma are yellow. Stigma lobes 12-15. Flowers last a long time. Plants begin to flower when they are about 13 cm in diameter. The fruits are white, 2 cm long, with the remains of the flowers attached.

Full sun all year. It can tolerate sporadic light frosts.
The lowest temperature (ºC) supported by this cactus is on average:: -2

This plant needs a lot of water, approximately once a week. But avoid moistening the body while in sunlight.

Cutouts made from stem pieces can be separated

It is suitable for any rich, well-drained soil.


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Scientific name:
Ferocactus glaucescens fma. inermis
Produced in a nursery. The wild species is found from Guanajuato to Querétaro, San Luis Potosí and Hidalgo (Meztitlan, Toliman and Jacala) in central-eastern Mexico.


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Fotografía tomada por Xixu

Fotografía tomada por Xixu

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