Guide to is a site dedicated to cultivators of cacti and succulent. It provides all the tools you need to manage your collection and find out more about your plants and other experts.

Uploading photos

You can upload photos of your plants and organize them by name and species. When you upload your photos they will automatically be made visible to other users and be made available for identification. Once they have been identified you will be able to find out details about the species and how to care for your plants. To upload photos of you plants go to Identification > Identify your cactus

Learn about Species

The species pages provide information about looking after your plants and let you view similar plants from other Collectors. If you know the name of the species you which to investigate you can find it on the species pages Database > Index of species

Alternatively, you can search for species by plant characteristics using the Database > Advanced Search

Vote for your favourite photos

When you upload photos they are automatically entered into a monthly competition. You can "Like" a photos to give them votes. The Monthly Winner will be displayed on the homepage.

On these pages you can see the previous winners and the current participants for this month.

Vote and take part in identifications

If you recognise a plant variety you can make a suggestion as to it's species. Once enough people have voted it will be formally identified and if you got it right you'll receive some points.

The ranking of members is shown on the Collectors > Ranking page

Chat to other cultivators and collectors

You can chat to other members using the built in Forums. Here you will get to meet experts from around the world and appreciate the beauty of these plants

Go Premium

For a small fee you can become a Premium member and get access to advanced features such as: