Watering your cacti and succulents

Here we will explain how to irrigate your cactus and succulents. In comparison with other types of plants the irrigation of the cactus is very different and should be done with several precautions.

How to water my cactus?

The water should be dosed so that after the morning or nightfall watering the earth is only wet, but never soaked.

Excessive watering will result in the evacuation of water through the hole drainage, with loss of nutritious salts, soluble in water, which are contained in the earthy compound. Watering in the correct quantity, we will avoid this.

For irrigation, preference is given to special sprinklers, with a long, curved nozzel, which allow the soil to be more easily bathed without wetting the plant excessively.

It is important that the water is the same temperature as the environment. You must absolutely avoid using excessively cold water. A large temperature difference, such as that between a pot heated by the sun and cold water could have fatal consequences for the plant.

At what time of the day is it preferable to water? During the summer period it is better to distribute the water in the hour after sunset, when the pots have cooled after the warm afternoon hours.

During winter, it is preferrable to water in the morning, never in the afternoon, giving time to evaporation and absorption during day.