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Eriosyce > Eriosyce aurata

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The lowest temperature (ºC) supported by this cactus is on average:: 10

Similar Species

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Scientific name:
Eriosyce aurata
Echinocactus auratus, Echinocactus ceratistes, Echinocactus sandillon, Eriosyce algarrobensis, Eriosyce aurata var. spinibarbis, Eriosyce ausseliana, Eriosyce ceratistes, Eriosyce ceratistes var. combarbalensis, Eriosyce ceratistes var. coquimbensis, Eriosyce ceratistes var. jorgensis, Eriosyce ceratistes var. mollesensis, Eriosyce ceratistes var. vallenarensis, Eriosyce ceratistes var. zorillaensis, Eriosyce ihotzkyanae, Eriosyce lapampaensis, Eriosyce sandillon, Eriosyce sandillon var. algarrobensis, Eriosyce sandillon var. mollesensis, Eriosyce sandillon var. vallenarensis, Eriosyce spinibarbis.

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