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Fotografía tomada por Emilio V

Fotografía tomada por Emilio V

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Full sun, or half shade in summer if the place is extremely hot or bright. Requires frost protection.
The lowest temperature (ºC) supported by this cactus is on average:: 3

Regulate during the growth cycle. You need a lot of water, but not too much and let your soil dry between waterings. Keep fairly dry in winter.


Mealybugs, scaly insects and mites

They are suitable for any rich, well-drained soil, such as clay, pumice, lava sand, and just a little bit of peat or mold.

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Scientific name:
Ferocactus alamosanus
Echinocactus alamosanus, Ferocactus alamosanus var. platygonus, Ferocactus pottsii var. alamosanus.
Mexico. Western edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental.
Natural Habitat:
The species is found in the upper tropical deciduous forests, up to the pine and oak forests. Known only in a restricted area.

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