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Full sun or semi-shade (with some sun exposure, the leaf develops a pleasant reddish tint and remains compact). Protect from prolonged frost.
The lowest temperature (ºC) supported by this cactus is on average:: -5

In summer, the soil must be kept moist. In winter, water only when the soil becomes completely dry.

By suckers or by leaf cuttings in spring or summer. They can also be grown from seed.

It is resistant to pests.

Use a very porous soil mixture

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Scientific name:
Haworthia fasciata
Aloe fasciata, Aloe fasciata var. major, Aloe subfasciata, Apicra fasciata, Catevala fasciata, Catevala subfasciata, Haworthia browniana, Haworthia fasciata f. browniana, Haworthia fasciata f. ovatolanceolata, Haworthia fasciata f. sparsa, Haworthia fasciata f. subconfluens, Haworthia fasciata f. vanstaadensis, Haworthia fasciata f. variabilis, Haworthia fasciata var. browniana, Haworthia fasciata var. major, Haworthia fasciata var. subconfluens, Haworthia pumila subsp. fasciata, Haworthia subfasciata.
South Africa, Eastern Cape
Natural Habitat:
It grows between stones, on stony soils and in green areas.


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