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The ideal exposure is in full sun. It requires a warm environment free of strong frosts, although it supports quite low temperatures.
The lowest temperature (ºC) supported by this cactus is on average:: 0

Water infrequently and rarely, although stable humidity benefits it.

By cuttings from mother plants. Young shoots are cut from them. It can also reproduce by seeds.

They are not usually attacked by the usual garden pests and diseases.

It tolerates sandy and dry soils, but on well-drained fertile soil it will grow much better.

Similar Species

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Scientific name:
Yucca gloriosa
Yucca acuminata, Yucca acutifolia, Yucca ellacombei, Yucca ensifolia, Yucca flexilis f. ensifolia, Yucca flexilis f. ensifolia, Yucca flexilis var. ensifolia, Yucca flexilis var. patens, Yucca flexilis var. tortulata, Yucca gloriosa f. acuminata, Yucca gloriosa f. obliqua, Yucca gloriosa f. pruinosa, Yucca gloriosa f. tortulata, Yucca gloriosa var. acuminata, Yucca gloriosa var. ellacombei, Yucca gloriosa var. glaucescens, Yucca gloriosa var. longifolia, Yucca gloriosa var. maculata, Yucca gloriosa var. mediostriata, Yucca gloriosa var. minor, Yucca gloriosa var. mollis, Yucca gloriosa var. nobilis, Yucca gloriosa var. obliqua, Yucca gloriosa var. planifolia, Yucca gloriosa var. plicata, Yucca gloriosa var. pruinosa, Yucca gloriosa var. robusta, Yucca gloriosa var. superba, Yucca gloriosa var. tortulata, Yucca integerrima, Yucca obliqua, Yucca patens, Yucca plicata, Yucca plicatilis, Yucca pruinosa, Yucca tortulata.
1968/5000 North America, specifically from the coast and barrier islands of southeastern North America where they grow on sand dunes.
Natural Habitat:
It can be found in its native state from southern North Carolina south to northern Florida.


Fotografía tomada por marcoantonio10

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Fotografía tomada por Emilio V

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