Cactuseros Premium Subscription

With the Cactuseros Premium subscription you will get access to the largest database of Cactus and Succulents in the world. We have more than 100,000 high-quality photographs and more than 12,000 species.
With the free Cactuseros subscription you can only upload a limited number of copies in your personal collection..

Benefits of becoming a Premium Member
  • More space on our servers to upload, identify and manage your collection.
  • Keep a record of your blooms by year, date, statistics, etc.
  • Customizable profile (link to your website, biography, personalized colors, etc).
  • Upload photos of your specimens over time to see their evolution, growth and blooms.
  • Participate in the monthly contests
  • See your collection in different ways (e.g. grouped by genres)
  • Download an Excel list of your entire collection at the time you require it.
  • Access the private forums of Cactuseros
  • Exchange private messages with other members of the cactusera community.
  • Perform exchanges of seeds and specimens .
  • Participate in draws .
  • Most importantly, meet and make friends around the world who share the same hobby!

You can pay your subscription through Paypal.

Annual Premium Subscription
(1 year)
19,99 €